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Printfection t-shirt scans, black and white. - Jen Gagne's art journal I keep a separate journal for personal stuff. Visit: [http://jengagne.livejournal.com/]

December 8th, 2006
05:46 pm


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Printfection t-shirt scans, black and white.

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Date:December 9th, 2006 12:02 am (UTC)
Yikes. Yeah, I saw that you closed your store... I was hoping you'd have some feedback.

I'm thinking of doing my own shipping rather than having them drop-ship to the customer -- that way I can make sure the item looks good before I even list it on eBay. It's an extra cost but it might be worthwhile.

I'm glad these Printfection shirts look as good as they do. I'm starting to warm up to the black one, thankfully. :)
Date:December 9th, 2006 01:19 am (UTC)
That's a good idea for shipping. I'm not setting up anything anymore that I haven't seen in person myself. The problem with cafepress is their inconsistancy. But they're a huge operation I can't figure out why I'm having such bad luck. And I even had my files optimized properly - if you take a quick browse of the site there's all kinds of really amateur junk that must look horrible printed out. Just maybe your art is better suited because it's digital?

I dunno - years ago they used to print out a little thumbnail on your invoice, and the thumbnails were always bright and crisp and then the merch looked like crap. I noticed that lately they've switched to black and white thumbnails.

Some people have luck at zazzle.com. Their stuff is more customizable than cafepress, and I've heard the quality is better. You know what a row of "fish eating fish" would look awesome wrapped all the way around a mug.

On the plus side, I've had really good luck with cafepress magnets. They're really nice, and the quality is good.

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Date:December 9th, 2006 01:20 am (UTC)
Whoops, that was moi. I have about $60 in cafecash pending (from last months sales) when it finally clears I may buy some magnets of yours.
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