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DAZ models for anime poses. - Jen Gagne's art journal I keep a separate journal for personal stuff. Visit: [http://jengagne.livejournal.com/]

October 24th, 2006
10:42 am


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DAZ models for anime poses.

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Date:October 25th, 2006 11:35 am (UTC)
In anime, the characters tend to be drawn like the human body at the age of 14. That might be why your model's aren't cutting it. It would probably also be difficult to do proportion "formulas" too. When I took rendering a couple semesters ago, we only learned them for adults and children. Teens are awkwardly proportioned, so maybe there isn't one for them.
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Date:October 25th, 2006 11:53 am (UTC)
You mean the plastic models? Yeah. If they were shorter-torso'd they'd match more. And the male one is way too buff compared to the typical anime guy.

I also have a really nice Motoko Kusanagi poseable I could use for drawing, but she's even less flexible.

So... eh. I think these computeriffic ones will do nicely. ^_^ Obviously I hope someday to be able to draw outta my head, but these will definitely help meanwhile.
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Date:October 25th, 2006 01:47 pm (UTC)
There's a very funny thread that I think you can reach from girl-wonder.org that mocks an incredibly sexist set of essays on how to draw fantasy whores women comic book style. I thought of it because that lady with the cocked hip and jutting butt is typical. (And I don't think Makoto ever stands like that...) Anyway, the mockers go on to draw a bunch of male comic characters in the "recommended" female poses... very, very funny.

The Karen Healy who writes "Girls Read Comics--And They're Pissed!" column at g-w is my very good friend karenhealey.
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Date:October 25th, 2006 05:25 pm (UTC)
Well, there IS the GitS manga. Somehow almost every page manages to twist her around to show T&A at the same time, or a big high open-leg kick. :> But -- even though she's constantly dressed in weird lingerie? She never has a coquettish thing going on.

It's kinda like Naga in Slayers. Sure, she's dressed in a bikini and they make a big deal out of her boobs, but she seems to have _no_ innate sexuality. Heh.

As for fantasy whores... they do sell lots of classic pin-up poses for the male and female models. Some are decidedly stripperish! Hee. :D

That sounds like a great thread. I should go find it!

I am always amused when I go to Artist's Alley and see guys drawing anatomical impossibilities, like nipples with holes in 'em as if it's a baby bottle...

I never actually do, but sometimes I'm tempted to say, "Perhaps you haven't given the real thing a close examination, but don't you have access to _any_ porn, my dear boy?"

But then I remember: I'm sure my drawing screw stuff up in my own special way. ;)

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