Jen Gagne (jengagne) wrote in artjen,
Jen Gagne

DAZ models for anime poses.

Click for a larger view.Now that I'm happy with my 2D toolset, I've been pondering anime poses and proportion. While I have a few real-life poseable artist's models, the proportion and flexibility leave something to be desired...

So, I snagged DAZ Studio, which is free (whee!) with currently-free models for Aiko and all their other free people, like Hiro (anime male) and others. I picked up the others since they had poses I could apply to the ones I actually care about....

The poseability is REALLY nice and the preset poses are handy starting points. Click the pic for a larger view of this sample render I did.

Now, just like the real-life balljointed dolls, they sell all kinds of new face-ups, outfits, eyes, wigs, etc... but since I want to use these for pose drawing, I don't need any of that. ^_^
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